Tuesday, November 25, 2008


As I have written earlier, I really like Resident Evil. So when I found out that we had a Gamestop that had a bunch of cheap Resident Evil games, I could not stop asking when we could go to get a game. When we did go, I got Resident Evil: Code Veronica. It is fun, has basic controls, and has some very good graphics considering that it was made a while ago. I haven't gotten that far and I am still getting used to the controls, and I am already addicted. I really like all the puzzles. The fact that I worked so hard to figure out had a very simple answer just makes me think that I can do the next one easy, even though it is never true. I cannot wait until Christmas and I can get a bunch of new ones. I cannot wait!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rest in peace Kurt Cobain.

I like scary.

I love to play video-games. I read reviews, watch demos, and I even play a few demos if I can. But my favorite games of all kind are survival-horror games. Some examples would be Resident Evil and Silent Hill. In fact, I really like both of these game series. I like games that scare the crap out of you every time you open a door. Right now I am trying to beat a VERY HARD boss on Resident Evil 4. You have to fight him multiple times, he has an endless supply of ammo for everything he has, the game is on VERY HARD, and when you finally get to the end his arm changes into some kind of biotic sword thing, AND you have to beat him THEN you have to pick up his piece of the puzzle, run to the door and put it in before the bombs go off. And I can not do any of it without dying MULTIPLE times.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My nephew

After the long wait, my new nephew was finally born. Albeit not under the most desirable circumstances. Dex is the name of my nephew, his heart rate was dropping so fast that they had to perform an emergency c-section. They didn't even give her an epidural, it was so sudden that all they could do was knock her out. And that scared my sister,Laurie, so bad that she got upset enough that she was making herself sick. I was completely caught off guard when I got home from school the other day, my mom was talking about how Laurie had to be taken to the hospital because they realized that Dex's heart rate was dropping. I was so excited when the thought finally dawned on me that Dex had finally been born.

Monday, September 22, 2008

You won't believe it!

Last Thursday, 9-18, I was waiting at the end of our driveway for my bus like I always do. My dogs, Dot and Quasi, were running around chasing random insects, and jumping on me like they always do, my other dog, Red, was at home asleep. Then all of a sudden this car came out of nowhere and without swerving or slowing down the driver ran over my dog Quasi. At first I was just frozen by the pure shock that my favorite dog had just been ran over right in front of me. I didn't know what to do. My bus was on its way, my mom was already at work, and my dad was at home taking a shower. But thankfully a very nice man, named Mr. Beavers, was going by in his truck. He stopped and got out of his truck and got down on the ground right next to Quasi. Then he asked me what had happened and I told him that the person in the car had just ran over him and didn't even stop or slow down, just kept going. This is where I asked him the question I really didn't want to,"Is he still alive?" You can't believe the amount of relief I felt when he said that he was, but that his leg looked really skinned up and that he thought that it was probably messed up on the inside. I asked him if he could wait there with my dog while I went home to get my dad and if he could ask my bus driver if she would wait for me while I came back up the driveway. He said that he had no problem with that. When I got home my dad told me that he would finish up then go up the driveway and then things would move on from there. When my dad got up the driveway there was no one there. I had gotten on the bus and Mr. Beavers was gone. My dad looked around everywhere, we live in the middle of a forest so there were a lot of places to look. After he looked around for a while, he called my mom and told her what happened. She said she would be home as soon as she could, after about a half-hour my mom got home and they both looked around everywhere. After a while my dad said that he had to go to work so my mom decided to stay home in case Quasi came home or Mr. Beavers came back and informed her as to what happened to my dog. After a while he did come back and he said that he thought that my dad wasn't going to get there fast enough so he went ahead and took him to a vet. He couldn't leave a note because he didn't have any paper. He told my mom that Quasi was at the vet and they would call when he was ready for her to pick him up. After about an hour, they called and said that she could come and pick him up. Thankfully he just had a lot of scrapes, bruises and in general would just be really sore for a while. The vet gave us medicine to give him so that he wouldn't be in pain,which was good. Thankfully everything worked out fine. But, from now I am putting him in a crate when I leave for the bus in the morning.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

First week of high school

My first day of high school was August 6. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was mainly just nervous that I was going to get lost and end up somewhere in the senior halls and get thrown in a trash can. Another thing that I didn't like about it was that I had gym my first class. Other than those two little details the rest of the day, and the week, went by pretty smoothly. I have gym, then advanced biology, Spanish 1, and finally accelerated math. the reason that it looks like I don't have many of classes is because our school goes by block scheduling, each class is an hour and a half long. The most boring class I have is math. To be honest, my favorite class is biology. The teacher is really funny, we get to do experiments that help us learn what we have to in the book but in an easier way, and he has an iguana that he brings out at the beginning of every class that he puts on his shoulder and leaves it there the entire class. And to joke around, he sneaks behind one of the really girly-girls and puts her on their head. He has only done that once so far but it was so funny we had to take a break from the actual lesson we were studying to laugh our butts off. Even the girl who had the iguana put on her head was laughing after a little while. But my Spanish teacher is not as funny. I mean, she will joke around and listen to a students story, but she doesn't do it all the time. What I'm trying to say is that she won't joke around or listen to a story if we are covering a lesson. But if we are done with an assignment and we have a few extra minutes she'll joke around by asking some of the students who don't pay attention questions in Spanish just to single out the fact that they were not paying attention. And my math teacher has that kind of slow monotone voice that just forces you to go zone out. But when we don't get something, he would be more than happy to go over it again so that you can get it. That is probably the best thing about his class. Every one will say that they don't get something and he will have to go over it a couple of times which kills our class time so we have to do less in a shorter amount of time. But like I said earlier, high school is not as bad as I thought it would be. Writing this makes me wonder what my sophmore, junior, and senior years will be like.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Gas Prices

I believe that they are absolutely ridiculous. Why are our gas prices going up what seems every couple of weeks? Do the big oil companies get some kick out of getting the money that we are throwing away on high gas prices? What they don't realize is that if they keep raising the prices, people are going to have to find other ways of transportation. Some people just don't have the money to pay $4.oo a gallon every day. And imagine what it would be like when teenagers my age are old enough to drive? We'll probably end up driving hybrids, which are actually very good cars. Speaking of hybrid cars, the big gas companies are going to be losing more money if cars that don't run on gasoline are being mass-produced. The big gas compainies only have two choices, lower the gas prices or keep them where they are and become bankrupt within a couple of years. Either way you look at it, the gas companies are eventually going to be bankrupt if we are running out fossil fuel.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I wish that I had my own personal hobby that I was good at. My mom is awesome at making jewelry. My dad is a master wood carver, there are pictures of his carvings on the link to his page called "my dad" if you are interested. I really wish that I had my own hobby that I really enjoyed, but so far I my search has always come to a dead-end. I will probably find my hobby later in my life, I hope soon. Many people say that my talent is writing, but it comes so easily to me that it couldn't possibly be my talent/hobby. But who knows, maybe it could be and I'm just too blind to realize it right know. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I believe that if you commit yourself to something, you have to stick with it. For example, marriage. When you marry that person you are committing yourself to that person for the rest of your life. I can't believe that there are people who would break that sacred bond because they got bored and wanted to spice things up, or they could not help themselves. When you break that vow you are braking a legal contract, your are breaking a promise made in the church, and you are CHEATING on your spouse which is horrible. I do not approve of breaking a commitment you made under only the most important of circumstances.