Monday, June 23, 2008

My Grandfather

My Grandfather was a very important man in my life. Everyone usually called him G-daddy. And he was not important in my life alone, he was important and loved by many other people. His wife Dean, his children Michael, David, Alyson, Clay, and Stuart. He loved his family very much. There were also many people who loved him that he met through church. I myself do not think it is possible to name all of these people. He was a very church going man. As long as he was physically able, he went to church every time the doors were open. My grandfather loved history, but I knew that his two favorite time periods were the Civil War and World War two. My grandfather was very creative, he had his own workshop full of projects. I had many good memories with him myself. He would always tell me stories of when he was a kid and I would always listen. And I also knew that if I ever knew that if I had a history project that I needed help on I could go next door and ask him about it. He even let me have one of his history books, which I knew were very important to him, so I take very good care of it. He even had a nickname for all of his grandsons, he called us all "hoss". In the simplest of terms, you could call him a small town southern man.


I believe that work is a way of earning money and earning respect. What i mean by that is that if you get a good job reputation, then you will get hired for more jobs and earn more money. And what most people don't realize is that working is not that difficult. If you just start the job and don't think about anything else until it's done, you realize it did not take you that long to finish the job. If your one of the people that sits on the couch all day complaining about how you don't have any money, then the one person to blame is yourself. There is no reason why you can't get a job and earn some money. And when you do get paid for a job, don't blow all of it in one day, save it for things that you need, not things that you want. One of the most sensible things to do would be to start a bank account. Then when you're old enough, start a retirement fund so that by the time you're around 50 years old, you'll have enough money that you won't have to work for the rest of your life and you can just relax or do things that you really enjoy.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our voice

All teenagers want to express their own opinion, and I am no different. We all want to be heard about our own ideas, we want to speak our thoughts. But most importantly, we want people to listen. We don't want someone to just stand there and just nod their head and say, "No, really?", "Awesome, I don't believe it!". When you do that it makes us want to give up. And just so all of you people who pretend to listen, think of how bad it would feel if you were expressing yourself about something you really cared about and the people you were expressing yourself to were standing there being jerks. When you do that it makes people think that you're someone who does not care about what others think and you are to full of yourself to even care what others think.