Tuesday, November 25, 2008


As I have written earlier, I really like Resident Evil. So when I found out that we had a Gamestop that had a bunch of cheap Resident Evil games, I could not stop asking when we could go to get a game. When we did go, I got Resident Evil: Code Veronica. It is fun, has basic controls, and has some very good graphics considering that it was made a while ago. I haven't gotten that far and I am still getting used to the controls, and I am already addicted. I really like all the puzzles. The fact that I worked so hard to figure out had a very simple answer just makes me think that I can do the next one easy, even though it is never true. I cannot wait until Christmas and I can get a bunch of new ones. I cannot wait!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rest in peace Kurt Cobain.

I like scary.

I love to play video-games. I read reviews, watch demos, and I even play a few demos if I can. But my favorite games of all kind are survival-horror games. Some examples would be Resident Evil and Silent Hill. In fact, I really like both of these game series. I like games that scare the crap out of you every time you open a door. Right now I am trying to beat a VERY HARD boss on Resident Evil 4. You have to fight him multiple times, he has an endless supply of ammo for everything he has, the game is on VERY HARD, and when you finally get to the end his arm changes into some kind of biotic sword thing, AND you have to beat him THEN you have to pick up his piece of the puzzle, run to the door and put it in before the bombs go off. And I can not do any of it without dying MULTIPLE times.